Default Roles Owner Org. Admin Admin Operator Viewer
What they are Owners are the organization’s creators and hold the highest level of permission. Org. Admins can edit organization profiles, invite new members, etc. Admins can access and manage the sites where they have access. Operators can perform live view, playback, and archive videos in permitted site(s). Viewers can watch the camera’s live view, like guest users outside your organization
Organization Management
Maintain organization profile
Delete non-admin members
Place orders and subscriptions
Add and manage payment methods
Delete the organization
Site Management
Add sites
Edit sites
Delete sites
Add member’s access to sites
Edit member’s access to sites
Delete member’s access to sites
Add, configure, and delete devices
View and download user audit trail
View and download system messages
Device Operations
Live view
Grid View
Read System Log
Download snapshot
Dashboard Reports
● Click data source chart see people and vehichle (related to Playback action)
Archive Management
View archive list
Add archive
Edit archive
Delete archive
Search Result
Detail - Device *1
Detail - Site *1
Detail - Notification *1
Detail - Archive *1
Detail - Log *1

*1: user who has the resource admin permission can see the detail.