Our Mission

The U.S. has more than 70 million security cameras installed, and yet, the vast volume of data generated from video cameras remains isolated.

Zeppelin's founders started from scratch to build the data platform to remove videos from data silos. Zeppelin believes businesses and organizations can make better decisions by expanding their data ranges and analyze them as one.

The platform aims to create a marketplace where businesses can subscribe to the A.I. modules and export their data for aggregation and analysis without coding. Furthermore, Zeppelin's platform will provide A.I. developers a unified interface to develop and deploy their algorithms across video hardware platforms.

Zeppelin's ultimate mission is to bring businesses of all sizes affordable business intelligence and create meaningful values for all participants.

Join Our Beta

Your experiences and feedbacks are the building blocks of Zeppelin One - Business Intelligence Dashboards. So join our beta program today, and get on the journey to discover your business insights.